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Course Content of the Year

There are six main sections studied in the South Australian syllabus, each containing more detailed studies:

What is involved?

Chemistry is a progressive knowledge subject, which means that advancing through the subject requires a firm understanding of previously studied topics. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you understand work you are doing and apply it at other times, especially in tests. If you choose to ignore your weaknesses, exam-time will be impossibly busy.
Thankfully, Chemistry is not a subject where there are lots of assignments along with other work in lesson time. Generally, the whole year consists of lesson time, homework and tests every two or three weeks. However, there is one assignment that you are expected to complete before and/or during year 12 Chemistry. This is the social relevance study, which focuses on the social of chemistry in society. This counts as 5% in the end of the year's school assessed grade (50% of the end of year grade).
The main and most important section of chemistry is the end of year exam. This counts for 50% of your total grade in Chemistry. Therefore, it is obvious that a lot of time should be spent on the preparation for this exam. See the general sections on exam preparation.

What can be done before year 12 or what should be done ASAP?

Undoubtedly, the most constructive thing that can be done before school starts is to research and write a rough draft of the social relevance project. Obtain the relevant assignment sheets from your teacher and begin research straight away. You will be staggered at the amount of time it takes to properly research a topic. Download a copy of my social relevance project here.Here are some general pointers:

General Advice and Tips For Year 12 Chemistry

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