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Course Content of the Year

Specific course activities depend almost entirely upon the decisions of the teacher or the traditions of the school. Therefore, only a very brief course outline will be given:

What is involved?

Looking back over the Year 12 PAS English course, the main activity throughout the year is writing essays! This may sound incredibly boring, however it is nowhere near as bad as it sounds because the essays vary a lot. For example, one essay may involve reporting on a performance that you see as a class, and another piece may be written as a letter to the editor on a subject of your choice. On top of this you will be required to write speeches and letters to other people, so as you can see, it is not as dull as it could be. You can see the examples of what you may be doing throughout the year by going to the download site and looking at some of my work.

What can be done before year 12 or what should be done ASAP?

Undoubtedly, the most constructive thing that can be done in preparation for PAS English is to read books. In PAS English, there is an independent writing section where you must read a minimum of four books and write one piece on one or more of these books. If you can get in contact with your teacher, an even better thing to do is to find out the books that you will be reading throughout the year and then get a head start by reading them in the holidays. This may seem like a rather tedious idea at first, but its not that bad once you start reading. The one good thing about PAS English Independent Reading is that you can choose the books that you read, so at least this makes it a bit more bearable. However, make sure that the books satisfy the following basic criteria:

The Major Interactive Study

Without a doubt, the largest task of Year 12 PAS English is the Interactive Study. This will take a whole terms worth (10 weeks) of work and you will not be set any other work apart from this. Just from what has been said already, you can see that this is a very large project. Now that the importance of the project has been highlighted, here are some hints on how to handle it, in the order of start to finish of the project:

General Advice and Tips For Year 12 English

  • English is another one of those subjects where everything seems to take longer than you think, so start everything early (slack off after its finished!)
  • most of the Year 12 English school is spent writing some form of essays, being a speech or report or whatever, therefore it is very important that you perfect writing essays early on in the year, here are some golden tips to follow on this
  • if you don't write an essay plan then it is not even worth doing the essay
    some people think that writing a plan doesn't do much, but it does
  • writing a plan gives your essay a structured approach and most importantly helps to progressively develop ideas which makes it easy to read, hence pleasing the marker
  • if you have a choice, write about the topic that you know most about or feel most comfortable with - this makes a lot of difference when it comes to expression and structure
  • writing an essay is only half the task - checking should be just as important as trying to write it...sometimes you may not recognize your finished essay from the rough copy because it has been edited so thoroughly
  • at a Year 12 level, all essays should be typed - this may be hard for many people but this makes the work a lot easier to edit and check spelling etc
    this also makes the essay easier to look at and even though this shouldn't make any difference it definitely will because the marker is more likely to give a good mark to the person who presents a nicely presented piece of work
  • if you have time, get someone else to check the essay - find a person that
    is good at English already, best of these would be your actual teacher

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