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Food & Hospitality (Home Economics)

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Course Content of the Year

Only a general guide is given, since this will vary greatly between schools:

What is involved?

Food & Hospitality is a TAFE accredited course in South Australia and can be used for tertiary education entrance. Therefore, throughout the year you will be completing work of the standard and quantity that you can expect at a tertiary level. Surprisingly this is not as much a s people may think. The years progression brings a general pattern of preparing for a practical, completing the practical and then writing up that practical. In a term of about 10 weeks, the entire class should have generally handed up 3 of these assignments related to practical activities. However, there is an occasional research assignment which involved no practical component, therefore the practical aspect is used for the much needed research. In this course there is a major assignment which is so large that it will take the larger part of 1 term (10 weeks) to complete. This is called the independent study. This will be covered in more detail in the section dedicated especially to it - the The Independent Study in Food & Hospitality.

The Independent Study in Food & Hospitality

The Significance
The independent study accounts for 50% of your first semesters grade. Therefore, it can be seen this easily that this assignment plays a very big role in your semesters grade and most definitely in your end of year grade. This assignment is equivalent to all the major assignments in other subjects and must be completed independently as suggested by the name. Download a copy of my Independant Study from here to 'get a feel' for the size and work involved.

Approach / Tips
For a much better idea of what to include, see the examples that I have available for download here.

What can be done before year 12 or what should be done ASAP?

Again, Food & Hospitality is a subject where each school can vary in greatly and therefore preparation will vary accordingly. There is not much pre-year 12 preparation that you can do for this subject anyway, so concentrate on all the other subjects that do need will take the load off this subject in the long run anyway if you think about it.

General Advice and Tips For Year 12 Food & Hospitality

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