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Following is a list of internet links that may come in handy for each subject they are listed under. If you find any other good ones, it would be great if you could email me with them. Thanx :)

Search Engines

Search engines are the most important tools on the internet, since they help you find the information you are looking for, here are links to the best and submission forms for all of them (to start the search directly from here).

All purpose / universally useful


Newspaper resources

Australian Government Links

Australian Universities


Links by Subject

Food & Hospitality



No links as yet! - Let me know of any good 1ns **please** :)

Business Maths


Recreation / Time killing!

Did you ever have a good old commodore 64 or a SEGA? Wouldn’t it be great if you could have it all on your modern computer now days - for free??? Its taking the world by storm! You can...just investigate here!:
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