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Studies in Religion

What is involved & General advice

At first, the teachers will give the impression that all the work to complete SR will take place in the lessons so as to minimize the already large workload. However, this is often not the case and you will almost invariably end up doing some work at home.
When the course is summarized, there is actually not that much that is done, however there is a lot of research and discussion, but most of all the reading of the resources takes up the most time. Since this subject is not a big influence on the end of year results (for most schools anyway), you should appropriately minimize the time spent on it and use the work to fill in gaps of time rather that actually allocating chinks to it. I know this sounds horrible, especially when you may be studying your own religion but it is only the sensible thing to do under the circumstances.

What can be done before year 12 or what should be done ASAP?

There is almost nothing possible that you can do in preparation for this subject. Of course, you could start some assignments but it is better to do these under the guidance of the teacher and focus on working in other subjects.

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