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Coping with Year 12 Mentally and Physically

There is no doubt that Year 12 is not just a survival in academics, but also a mental, physical and emotional strain. Coping with this strain is very important, since it can lead to academic strife or in more extreme cases, unneccessary illness. Therefore it is very important that before year 12 has started, a form of relaxation and stress relief has been discovered. It is also equally as important for regular physical exercise to be a part of the weekly schedule. I will now discuss various forms of mental and physical relaxation in relation to study, and briefly suggest activities to remain fit during the year. With this and a sound scholastic approach, almost anyone should be able to cope with year 12.

Mental Approach

Without an encouraging mental attitude, it will be harder to get down to work and quite often the quality of the work produced will suffer. Therefore, it is beneficial to have the right attitude, fueled by an incentive. You may already have an incentive, so use that. However, if you lack incentive or you lose it during the year, these mental thoughts may help (they did for me):

Physical Aspects

I am no authority on sport, however I can say from experience, that physical exercise certainly does enhance academic performance. Regular exercise amidst a heavy workload keeps the body fit and the mind clear. Sport during study gives the advantages of If you are in the position to select what sport you will play during year 12, there are some simple points to consider so that study is not adversely effected. Once you have an incentive to fuel your efforts and a sport to sustain them, success is sure to follow.

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