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I would really like to know more about the people that visit my site, so please...
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Welcome all. This site is dedicated to helping students through their final year of Secondary Education. Here you can find guides on how to handle exams, manage your time for assignments tests and of course a life! There is also a download area for students who wish to sample previous Year 12's work and maybe use them as a guide for your own work or simply use them for ideas. This site is mainly aimed at Australian students, however it may also be useful for others around the world who need some general guidance and help in the final year of school which precedes College(America) or University(UK and Australia). Below is a small menu of options which give further info on this site.

To start looking through the resources on this site:

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Who am I?

My name is Andrew Halliday and I am an old collegian of Concordia College in Adelaide, South Australia. I graduated with the class of 1997 and am studying a bachelor of Software Engineering at the University of South Australia. I built this site to teach myself HTML programming in the time between finishing year 12 (the final year of South Australian secondary education) and starting university.
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Who is this site aimed at?

This site will be of most use to Concordia students. However, a lot of this site will be equally as useful for all other South Australian year 12's. On a national level, the usefulness of various sections will vary, depending on the differences between syllabuses (educational content guidelines) of each subject. For example, English may be a useful subject to students of other states because similar texts are studied and there is a lot of free choice in the work given. However, with a subject like Chemistry, there can be a lot of differences in topics studied and the depth of coverage.
Internationally, I would have no idea of this sites usefulness and I assume that only the general section would be of any great relevance. In the more specific sections, only certain notes or pieces of work may be relevant, so feel free to pick and choose.
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What can I find on this internet site?

There are two main sections to this site:

GENERAL content will include:
SPECIFIC content of this site is limited to the subjects I completed in year 12. These are : On each of these, the following will be available: Finally, all of this information has been placed in point format wherever possible to make it pleasing to the eye and most of all, easy to read.
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Why should I, as the author of this site, bother doing this?!

Having done year 12, I know that it is not exactly a stroll in the park. In fact, calling it total hell would be an understatement. Therefore, the main reason for establishing this site is to help fellow Concordians, South Australians, Australians and even people overseas, who are doing year 12 (or the equivalent).
In three of my five main subjects, I did almost everything on the computer, so it is not really that hard to place this work on the internet. In other words, my other main reason for making this site is that I can get it running fairly quickly and it will be very robust.
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How can I use what is on this inernet site?

If you have trouble in exam study, test study, major assignments or time management, then the general section is the place to start. Simply follow the guidelines that are given in the documents and see how well they work. You can get back to me about these things (preferably through email) or you can speak to the teachers at your school.
If you need guidance for a particular subject, maybe management of assignments, presentation, or general approach, then the specific subject discussions will cover this.
Finally, if you simply need ideas or want to get a sample of the type of work expected, then you can go into the download section to see samples of my work and the marks that I obtained (moderated).
If something in this site is inadequate or you are in need of more specific help, and there are no other sources available (always try teachers first), then you can email me with your problem. Please see the next section for my contact details.
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How can the author of this page be contacted?

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Terms of Using This Site

This internet site contains information which is intended to aid schoolwork. It may be copied, reproduced or in any other sense used for any intents and purposes. However the materials contained in this Web-Site are provided for general information only and do not constitute professional advice. I, Andrew Halliday, assume no responsibility for the accuracy of any particular statement and accepts no liability for any loss or damage which may arise from reliance on the information contained in this site. Links to other Web-Sites from these pages are for information only and I accept no responsibility or liability for access to, or the material on, any Web-Site which is linked from or to this Web-Site. Links to this site can be made but only with my consent. These are the terms that are automatically agreed to upon use of this site.
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I would really like to know more about the people that visit my site, so please...

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